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Who: Sylar and Mileina
When: Sometime after Halle's Extreme Makeover with Sylar yesterday
Where: The CB Haus? They still have one of those right? Well they.. do now.
Rating: PG I... hope lmfao
Warnings: Mileina can't cut hair. :c
Summary: Sylar decides to... get a haircut. Hilarity ensues.

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Who: Hallelujah and Sylar
When: Sometime after their emo!Sylar convo
Where: Sylar's house
Rating: PG probably? idk?
Warnings: None at the moment
Summary: Sylar is a delicate flower crying a river of tears. Hallelujah goes over to laugh at him.

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Feb. 1st, 2010

Who: Soma and anyone else who wanders in.
When: Tuesday morning
Where: the flower shop
Rating: PG at worst, probably.
Warnings: Pollen!
Summary: Just another day working on the Upper Level.

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Who: Doumeki, Fay, Everyone Else
When: Shortly after Fay's latest post.
Where: Oomurasaki Tavern
Warnings: Alcohol, drinking?
Summary: Fay mentions attempting to get drunk, and Doumeki agrees. Anyone can join in because, well In a total plug that isn't about keeping activity up it's new years.

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Madness & Chalkoi

Who: Mizore & Doumeki
When: Dec. 21st, Midday
Where: Chalkoi
Rating: PG
Warnings: Craziness!
Summary: Doumeki heads to Chalkoi to save Mizore who has, for lack of a better explanation, lost her mind.

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Who : Ball Participants, Thylas, Alma, Orion.
Where : The lovely rebuilt mansion.
When : End of November. Backdated.

(( Here you go, guys. Thylas will be a fly on the wall most of it, and approach select people. Please, if you need a tag, just include that in your comment, and tag it yourself when your character comments. Thanks loves! ))
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Who: Fay (norealsmiles) and Tsukasa (thisis_myworld)
When: Wednesday, no idea about the time.
Where: Starting off outside the temple.
Rating: G
Warnings: Mummy son reunions.
Summary: Fay has returned to Purgatory! Tsukasa goes to welcome him.

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Who: Hallelujah and Lyle
When: Sometime on the 22nd
Where: Somewhere in the forest
Rating: PG, PG-13 at the worst
Warnings: Hallelujah is a warning.
Summary: Now that Lyle's back in Purg, it's time for his training to continue, and Halle's got a few lessons he intends on teaching him.

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Who: Tsukasa, and open to any White Fang members wanting to attend.
When: Today, Starting earlier in the morning
Where: White Fang Headquarters
Rating: PG at the worst, probably
Warnings: Possible language- oh. and Tsukasa's ego.
Summary: Tsukasa calls White Fang together to figure out who's ACTUALLY going to head the organization.
NOTE ON POST ORDER: Basically, this will run as an action/reaction sort of thing to Tsukasa's posts.  Everyone will be free to intro themselves, and interact with each other normally under those posts, But I'll mark certain posts as a 'point of order' in which everyone will reply with nominations/statements of intent/votes/etc, and people will comment freely to those as they have to the OP.  If I'm making this too complex... feel free to reach through the internet and smack me.

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Who: Ema Skye and Angel
When: Last Fridayish
Where: Clocktower, but they'll probably move.
Rating: PGish
Warnings: Geeks and vampires
Summary: Ema and Angel investigate.

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